aaaPrivacy policy

After the user has registered successfully, eMyan will give each user a user account and corresponding password. The user account and password should be kept by the users themselves, users have the obligation to keep the account password, and correct and safe use of the login account and password, and account held by the resulting behavior shall enjoy the rights and obligations.

eMyan should take reasonable measures such as technology and management to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the user account. If any party fails to fulfill the obligations mentioned above, which leads to the loss of the account password and the theft of the account number, and thus damages the rights and interests of the user and others, the legal liability arising therefrom shall be assumed !

Users must comply with the following principles in the use of eMyan services:

1: abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the country

2: no use of network service system for any illegal purpose

3: the eMyan service system should not be used for any behavior that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet

4: the use of eMyan shall not be used to transmit harassing, defamatory, abusive, intimidating, vulgar, obscene, or any other illegal information

Before you register, please read this Agreement carefully. After registration, it is deemed to agree to accept all the contents of this Agreement and is subject to the agreement.

intellectual property right

The protection includes services provided by eMyan in any text, pictures, graphics, audio, video and other data are protected by copyright, trademark or other property ownership law, without the consent of the relevant rights, the data are not allowed in any media release, playing directly or indirectly. Being rewritten or published or played or used for any other commercial purpose.

Any part of these data or information can only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes and stored in a computer. eMyan is not the data generated in the transmission or delivery or produce all or part of the above information in the process of delays, inaccuracies, errors and omissions or from production or the resulting heat and damage to you, or the third party liability in any form.

Any use of the eMyan software (including but not limited to any image, text, audio, with the help of materials etc.) all rights belong to the software copyright owner, the software without the permission of the copyright owner, you may not reverse engineer the software (reverse engineer), reverse engineering (decompile) or disassembly (disassemble).